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Powerhouse Petites Style Workshop
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Powerhouse Petites - A 20 Minute Self-Paced On-Line Style Workshop Packed With Tips Exclusively For Petites.

Usually $97. Flash Sale $27.

Tired Of Trying On Clothes That Are Too Long? Too Big? Or Just Don't Flatter Your Petite Frame?

Then, This 20-Minute Workshop Is For You! Afterwards, You'll Truly Understand Petite Sizing & How That Relates To Your Figure. Plus, Three Timeless, Game Changing Style Hacks.


On Sale! Only $27

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Sweet Petite Style Workshop

Tired Of Trying On Clothes That Are Too Long? Too Big? Or Just Don't Flatter Your Petite Frame?

Then, This 20-Minute Workshop Is For You! Afterwards, You'll Truly Understand Petite Sizing & How That Relates To Your Figure. Plus, Three Timeless, Game Changing Style Hacks.


On Sale! Only $27

Have You Ever Found Yourself Thinking...

Being Short Is A Huge Struggle Because:

  • Getting Dressed Should Be Fast. And Easy. But It's Not.
  • Nothing Fits. Everything Is Too Long Or Too Big.
  • I'm Curvy & Petite. It's Impossible To Find Comfortable, Flattering Clothes.
  • I Used To Have Style But Something Happened And Now I Don't.
  • I Hate Shopping.
  • I Spend A Fortune Getting Everything Altered.
  • I Have A Ton Of Clothes, But Nothing To Wear.

On A Scale From 1-10, Your Closet Is Well... A Mess

You try. But after hours of scrolling online or wondering around stores you end up...

Wasting gobs of time trying on tons of clothes that all look awful.

So, you leave the dressing room empty-handed and feeling frustrated.

Or if you're really desperate, you end up settling for items that are 'good enough'.

The waste of time and money is enough to make you want to give up.

And Why Not?

That's Too Much To Go Through To Be Left With A Closet Full Of

Nothing To Wear.

Want In On A Juicy Secret?

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way.

You Only Need Two Things...

To Understand Petite Sizing & How That Relates To You, Your Height, And Your Body Shape

Then, Where To Shop For Fashion That Fits.

Easy Peasy, Right!

By The Way... It's Not Your Fault.

No One Teaches Us This Stuff.

Unless You Were Blessed With A Petite Fashionista Mom, Sister, Or Aunt,

You Were On Your Own. Which is crazy when you think about it because...

They teach us algebra, how to dissect a frog, and how to conjugate French verbs.

That's great, but I bet you spend a lot more of your adult life wearing clothes then you do trying to figure out the value of 'X'.

I'll show you how to shop smart without blowing your budget.

And once you know which styles look best and more importantly which styles to avoid, you'll know how to look amazing as soon as tomorrow morning.

You Are Not The Problem.

You Just Need To Learn How To Shop.

I Don't Mean Swiping Your Amex.

I'm Talking, Knowing Which Styles To Look For. More Importantly, Which Styles To Avoid. And Where You Can Find Them.

Because Being Petite Can Be Awesome.

However, It Does Comes With Unique Style Challenges.

But Once You Learn How To Shop, Being A Powerhouse Petite Is Easy Peasy.

BTW, That Whole 'Why Don't You Just Shop In The Petite Department?' thing helpful people say, well... isn't helpful. Or true.

Getting Dressed In The Morning Should Be Fun.

That's exactly why I became a Style Coach. I've seen over and over again how wearing the perfect outfit can change a woman's life.

She suddenly oozes self-confidence. Her self-esteem sky rockets. She's ready to take-on the day and conquer her life. She can literally accomplish anything!

I Want All That Goodness For You.

My mission is to help you achieve all your goals - big and small.

Whether it's to...

Look Pulled Together & Polished & Absolutely Nail That Job Interview Or Promotion

Have Him Falling Hard On Your Next Date

Be The Coolest Mom In The Pick-Up Lane

Look Smokin' Hot In Every Vacation Picture

Dress Casual And Comfortable And Never Feel Frumpy

Introducing Powerhouse Petites

Learn Exactly How To:

Pick Sizes That'll Fit Your Height & Shape

Choose Clothes That Feel Comfortable & Flatter Your Body

The 3 Timeless Style Concepts That Flatter Petites Best. Today. Tomorrow. And Next Year.

The Best Places To Shop For Petite Fashion & What Each Brand Does Really Well.

Fill Your Closet With Items You Love To Wear & Look Amazing.

Powerhouse Petite Style Workshop
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Angela Foster Founder Our Style Addiction

Hi, Sunshine! I'm Angela

I Struggled With Style For 20 Years. Until One Day...

Another day. And once again you're standing in the closet in your bra and panties wondering, how is this frickin' possible? You spend a ton of money on clothes, yet nothing is right. You don't love anything hanging in front of you. Half of it doesn't fit and flatter your body shape. And the other half? The only emotion they inspire is 'meh'.

Sound familiar? I bet. Because that used to be me.

But after nearly 20 years as an executive in the fashion and beauty industry, I learned what it takes to put together a wardrobe you love & one that loves you back. Even better news? It is soooo much easier than you think.

And the very best news? You & I found each other. 'Cause my superpower is helping women look amazing, put together a closet they love, and have the confidence to take on the world. Or in this case, life.

I am so excited to go on this style journey with you.

We're going to have so much fun!

"A total game changer! I began adjusting my clothing choices after the very first lesson to focus on my favorite body part and dressing to emphasize it. My confidence is through the roof."

"Angela has helped me find the fabulous under (what I always felt were) the flaws. Through her style coaching I have learned to love my body and I have never felt more confident in my own skin. Since working with her, I wake up and feel amazing." 

"Such A Time Saver! Besides For How Quickly I Now Get Ready In The Morning, I No Longer Spend Time Wandering Around The Mall Or Wasting Precious Hours Searching Online For Clothes. I Know Exactly What To Buy & What Not To.

A Sneak Peek Of What You'll Get:

  • 2 - Quick 10 Minute Videos
  • Learn If Petite Sizing Is Right For You
  • Learn Which Pants Flatter You Best
  • Which Patterns & Prints Should Be Avoided
  • How To Look Taller Without Wearing Heels
  • Which Accessories Are Best For You
  • FREE! The Best Places To Shop For Petite Fashion
Powerhouse Petite Style Workshop

Curious Ladies Want To Know...

What's Included With Powerhouse Petites?

P.P. includes unlimited lifetime access to the complete video library. You can watch them anytime according to your schedule. The videos are updated seasonally to ensure they include all the latest information and trends.

As a bonus, you'll also receive FREE The Best Petite Boutiques. A list of the best places to shop for Petite fashion.

What Will I Learn?

In Powerhouse Petites you'll learn:

  • Is Petite Sizing Right For You? Analyze Your Individual Shape & Know Where To Shop For Your Perfect Fit.
  • 3 Timeless Style Concepts Every Petite Needs To Know To Look Amazing Today. Tomorrow. And Next Season.
  • How To Choose Your Perfect Accessories So You Look Pulled Together & Polished.
  • How To Pick Pants That Flatter.
  • How To Pick Prints & Patterns & When To Avoid.

What If I've Gained Weight Or Aren't At My Ideal Size?

Looking great, feeling confident isn't about your weight. In fact, once you learn to dress for your shape you'll look thinner without a bit of dieting!

When Does Powerhouse Petites Begin?

P.P. is a self-paced course. You start and progress according to your schedule & free time. Each module builds on my proven method, so all I ask is that you watch the videos in order so your wardrobe transformation is as easy as possible.

How Do I Know Whether Powerhouse Petites Is Right For Me?

If you've ever stood in your closet and thought, I Have Nothing To Wear, then this class is for you. If you've felt frustrated because your clothes don't fit and flatter your body, then this class is right for you.

P.P. is not right for you if you're not willing to learn, are resistant to change, or already love everything hanging in your closet.

What If I Don't Want To Buy A Bunch Of New Clothes?

That's perfect. P.P. isn't about shopping. It's about knowing the styles and sizes that look best on you long term. In fact, most my clients find they have clothes already in their closet that they can mix up and look amazing on them.

Is This A Capsule Wardrobe?

No! This is not about packing your closet with a bunch of neutral pants and white blouses/tops. This is about you. Your innate style. Your life style. And then, putting together a closet that screams to the world how truly amazing you are.

What If I Have Questions?

My team and I are dedicated to your success. E-mail us at any time and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

What Is Your Return Policy?

I want everyone to be over-the-moon by what they learn and how it changed their life. So we offer a 100% money back guarantee within 7 days of purchase.

Powerhouse Petite Style Workshop

Tired Of Trying On Clothes That Are Too Long? Too Big? Or Just Don't Flatter Your Petite Frame?

Join Powerhouse Petites Today For Only $27. Save 70%!

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